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My name is Caryn. If you’ve been to 2 Lads, you’ve probably seen me. I started working here a month after the tasting room opened in 2008. I had just moved to Traverse City after finishing up my Master’s degree in Enology (that’s the technical term for winemaking) from California State University, Fresno (also known as Fresno State) and was looking for a job in the wine industry. No one needed a winemaker, especially a green-behind-the-ear transplant (although I’m originally from Michigan) who learned a warmer-climate style of winemaking. The Lads were game to take me on in the tasting room until something opened up. Thing is, I liked working here. I liked how I had the flexibility to work anywhere in the building, and I think (I hope) they felt comfortable with me working anywhere. I’ve helped with crush, in the winery, in the lab, in the vineyard, and the tasting room. I’m sort of a 2 Lads chameleon, a role (and a reptile) I’m rather fond of. I’ve currently taken on the social media aspect of 2 Lads, so I’m the one posting on Facebook, tweeting, coming up with foursquare deals, and now blogging. I also teach the classes here when we have them, and I’m your personal tour guide if you opt to take the private tour and tasting. Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions, comments, and concerns.